Hot Dog Stand

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Moneytalks decided to entice people to pull off a stunt by giving away free hot dogs, but with a catch of course. If a dude was willing to put his wiener in place of a real hot dog, put toppings on it and be filmed while doing it, we would offer him some cash and also let him have all you can eat hot dogs. As always, we had many people decline, but sooner or later some brave souls accepted the challenge. One girl who walked in with her boyfriend had such a nice pair of tits we offered her a quick Benjamin to flash us and we eventually got her to suck off her boyfriend with his dick in a hot dog bun smothered in ketchup and mustard. Then, innocent, little Alice March walked through the doors inquiring about our special free hot dog offer. We explained it to her and popped Tony’s cock into a hot dog bun. If she sucked him off she would get money. She was worried about getting caught and going to jail for perverted behavior, but we told her we would look out and make sure nothing would happen. Tony upped the ante and offered her more money to fuck him, and she couldn’t resist making some fast money for simply enjoying her afternoon of wiener filled fun!

Money Talks… bullshit walks!

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